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Element Playsilks Space

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Individually hand-dyed, these tie dyed playsilks are one of a kind.

We love that Playsilks are a versatile toy for children, encouraging imaginative play. They can be used as a scarf to dance with, a peek-a-boo prop, a cape, a dolls blanket or as a base for small world play. Really your child's imagination is the limit!

Our Tie Dyed collection of Playsilks come in 5 different options:

- Ocean
- Sky
- Earth
- Fire
- Space


Each playsilk is a 90cm square of 8mm Haboai silk. The hems are hand-rolled with 100% silk thread. Silk is a natural fibre that is lightweight and durable and feels that little bit special and luxurious.

The silk is dyed with colourfast, non-toxic, eco friendly dye that has been safety tested for children. Please note that the colour of each silk may vary slightly as each piece is hand dyed.