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Polar Small World
Polar Small World
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Polar Small World

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Why we love the our SMALL WORLD - Blossom Packs?

Each of our packs provides you with a super easy go to small world set up! We provide just about everything!

We know that invitations to play can be time consuming and it really is our mission to not only save you time but maybe even (fingers crossed) buy you time for a cuppa!

The benefits of sensory and small world play are plentiful! Engaging in this kind of play will encourage the development of your child's social, language and problem solving skills. Best of all - small world play sparks creativity and builds your child's imagination!

We have several options in our collection - why not explore them all!!


This pack features:

1x Travel/Storage Container

1x Polar Tube

1x Let it Snow

1x Mini Scoop (assorted)

White Pebbles




 Total Retail Value is over $35!


Wild Republic Tube

Wild Republic Tubes are a fabulous resource for small world play. Our go to small world is a dry base of coloured rice or chickpeas some natural treasures from the garden and our tubes!

Loose Parts

Loose parts a wonderful addition to open ended play and small world set ups! The pieces that come in this pack will provide endless fun as they contribute to your child's WILD set up!

PLEASE NOTE– This pack contains small items. PARENTAL SUPERVISION is required, not recommended for children under 3 years of age.