• Thoroughly enjoyed this post! Am a big fan of Emily’s posts on instagram, her play set ups are amazing. Also love the way her little one explores and plays – flicking everything in sight!

    Kindness through play – I don’t think I’d have thought about this, if it weren’t for this post. What a lovely notion, and the need of the hour. The various ways to do so make a lovely list as well. Thank you!

  • I love the tips in this blog post. I absolutely agree that we are the first role models to demonstrate kindess to our kids. Lovely post ❤️

  • I love the point about how children learn kindness through good models. Amen! Firm believer of that. Everything we do is emulated by our little ones. I see it everyday. My Zaccy sees us open doors for people and he does the same. He sees us say thank you to people when we cross the road, and he does the same. He sees us say hello to people we come across when we go for a walk and he does the same. Great read, Emily 😊 Thanks for sharing

    Ingrid @fun.with.zaccy.and.millie
  • Thank you so much for being here and reading this amazing blog about kindness and how it fits into play – written by Pretty Little Wren! You can use SHIPITFREE at checkout (valid for 1 use only 🙊)!


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