Teaching With Kindness by Pretty Little Wren

Teaching With Kindness by Pretty Little Wren

This week we meet Emily and her 18 month old daughter from @_littlewrenplays


Teaching with Kindness!

I can certainly vouch for all the restless parents who are balancing life, work, study and raising children. 
My now, 18 month old daughter, keeps me on the toes all day long. She is growing  and learning more every single day as we explore through play.  
You'll mostly find us outdoors amongst nature, in the beautiful sun-kissed land,  Australia. Although we love messy and adventurous play, we also enjoy exploring simple, calm and kind play right at home. 
We often underestimate the power of simple learning – and what it offers to teach us.


In a world of uncertainty and judgement, it's crucial that we teach our children awareness and kindness. 
In life, children are the most vulnerable individuals with an innocent and open mind. 
So how do we teach our kids such an important life lesson, one that many adults struggle with? 
The best way to teach our children kindness, is to be a model of just that.  
Children are always learning from your actions. It's our responsibility as parents to plant the seeds of learning, for our children to acknowledge and build their cognitive development, as they begin to blossom into their own unique self.

How to encourage kindness through play:

  • Patience: Give your child the space and time they need to learn and grow. Activities don't always go to plan and that's okay; let them lead the way. Child led play allows kids to feel, to think, to act and to really focus on their emotions independently. All of which are important in healthy well-being and development in children.
  • Connect: Slow down and connect, let them take you on their wild adventure. It's small acts like this where you're promoting kindness and acceptance, while building an emotional connection with your children.
  • Teach: I love teaching my daughter kindness through play; it's extremely rewarding for both of us. You can create a specific activity that focuses on a theme, exploring principles of kindness, or it can be as simple as encouraging your child as they perform a task.


How to bring kind play into your home:

There’s a saying that goes “kindness starts at home"...

While that’s partially true, I rather believe that “ kindness starts within”...

I think many of us have lost our motivation and inspiration, but I'm here to help you find that spark and to encourage kind play in your home to teach your kids.

 Some great activities that focus on promoting kindness and acceptance are:

    • Learning different cultures- foods around the world
    • Teaching acceptance of different races- people around the world
    • Affirmation cards- reading and learning
    • Sharing – sharing toys with others
    • Calm down- lavender play tray / scented play dough
    • Helping- helping around the house / animal rescue
    • Communication- exploring and recognising emotions
    • Challenge- create a fun kindness challenge in the classroom

There are so many possibilities for activities that help children recognise and learn about kindness. It doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated; focus on age appropriate activities for your children to be engaged and best learn from. Slow down, soak up the moments, and always be kind to yourself and others.


We would love to hear how you incorporate kindness into your play. Comment below or connect with us on Instagram!



Thoroughly enjoyed this post! Am a big fan of Emily’s posts on instagram, her play set ups are amazing. Also love the way her little one explores and plays – flicking everything in sight!

Kindness through play – I don’t think I’d have thought about this, if it weren’t for this post. What a lovely notion, and the need of the hour. The various ways to do so make a lovely list as well. Thank you!


I love the tips in this blog post. I absolutely agree that we are the first role models to demonstrate kindess to our kids. Lovely post ❤️


I love the point about how children learn kindness through good models. Amen! Firm believer of that. Everything we do is emulated by our little ones. I see it everyday. My Zaccy sees us open doors for people and he does the same. He sees us say thank you to people when we cross the road, and he does the same. He sees us say hello to people we come across when we go for a walk and he does the same. Great read, Emily 😊 Thanks for sharing

Ingrid @fun.with.zaccy.and.millie

Thank you so much for being here and reading this amazing blog about kindness and how it fits into play – written by Pretty Little Wren! You can use SHIPITFREE at checkout (valid for 1 use only 🙊)!


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