3 Easy Doll Play Ideas

3 Easy Doll Play Ideas

The Miniland Educational doll collection is an important educational resource that helps children to explore concepts of family, population groups, the basic rules of relationships and coexistence, respect for racial and sexual diversity - all through play!

There are so many wonderful ideas around for baby doll play but I have selected activities that we love and are really quick and simple. 

1. Baby Doll Trace and Colour:

This one is for slightly older children. Lay the baby doll on a large roll of paper and have your child trace around it. Then colour it in. This activity could be independent and encourage complete creative control or it could be paired with our affirmation cards. Select a card and encourage your child to draw images or use colours that represent the affirmation.


2. Doctor/Nurses:

Collect some medical supplies, we have a collection of bandaids, bandages, medicine dropper, specimen jars and a stethoscope. Set up a pretend play doctors surgery. For older children you could make signs and lists for younger children focus on the fine motor skills of wrapping with a bandage. 


3. Baths:

This is the favourite by far! Throw in water and my kids absolutely love it. Lay out one shallow tub with warm water. I also supply a dry tub, towel and face washer and let them go for it! You could include extra sensory play, allowing the baby to get a little bit dirty first - maybe a pretend play dinner set up followed by a bath. 

See activity here.


These ideas are really simple and it is likely that you have tried them before, but they are our favourites! Let me know in the comments what yours is. 

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